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Questions Bookworms Ask Tag! #bookishtags

I was tagged for this #booktag on Instagram by @aesthetically_booked.

The tag is pretty simple: All you need to do is list down the various questions you, a bookworm, would ask people when you meet them for the first time. (At least that’s how I interpret it.)

Here are the questions the bookworm in me would want answered:

1. Have you read Enid Blyton? Have you read the Faraway Tree series? Who is your favourite character? (The correct answer is Moonface. Because, how can you not like Moonface? Even his name is too cute!)

2. Do you think Ginny is underrated? (The right answer is yes. And anyone who tells me that ‘Ginny was never there much, so what’s the point?’ has clearly not read the books.)

3. Do you think Dan Brown is trash? (The correct answer is No. I don’t know why people seem to dislike his writing style. I loved reading his books, and started reading them in the eighth grade. I remember racing to finish Deception Point in one day, and being completely awed by the brilliance of Digital Fortress. I still recommend Digital Fortress to my geeky friends.)

4. Do you eat/drink anything while reading a book? (The correct answer is no. I really can’t understand how people can even remember to eat/drink anything while reading a book. I sometimes get into a trance where I completely forget about everything that’s happening around me while I read the book.)

5. What’s your view on Book-to-Movie/TV adaptations? (The correct answer is “It sucks”. I can count the few good book to movie adaptations on the tip of my fingers. Perks of Being a Wallflower is one movie that I loved as much as the book. And TFIOS is one movie that I loved more than the book.)

6. Do you read in the bathroom? (The correct answer is yes. You just have to read in the bathroom. What else would you do to pass the time anyway? I’m even thinking of figuring out a way to read while having a shower. I’ll surely keep you bibliophiles updated if it works out!)

7. Do you buy books secondhand? (The correct answer is yes. I can’t tolerate people who are snobbish about wanting fresh copies and only paid Kindle editions. Look, the rest of us are trying to live only on pocket money. We have to do some jugaad. And while I’m talking about second hand books, thank you Booksbyweight for helping me build an entire library on a tight budget!)

8. What would you do if a close friend recommends you a book by an author you don’t like? (I’d really like you to answer this question in the comments!)

9. Do you get motion sickness while reading in the cab/bus/car? (The correct answer is yes. I feel very giddyheaded if I read in the taxi /car. And Mumbai roads don’t help the situation at all.)

10. Are you cool with your favourite author suddenly switching genres? Or, how do you cope with it? (Again, I’ll be scouring the comments to read your answers!)

That’s it for today, friends. You can take up this tag if you wish to. Please do share a link to this post if you do so! ūüôā



2 thoughts on “Questions Bookworms Ask Tag! #bookishtags”

  1. Lol…. Fun answers indeed. So let me get to your question no 3. I love Dan Brown too and i wonder why people have a problem with him. Agree his plot off late has been falling flat. Yet, his style of writing is gripping enough to get me going..
    And when you do get to figuring out a way to read in the shower, do keep me informed!!!!


  2. Loved your answers!
    To answer your questions no. 8 & 10 — I think I won’t read. Writing style matters. Maybe I can read the sample chapters on Kindle and check.

    I will definitely read the book. If I love the author’s writing style, her/his stories, changing genre won’t matter.


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