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A Quest for Spring by Monica Mujumdar Dixit #BookReview

A book with a good plot, but unfortunately, too many errors in the execution. I really wanted to find a silver lining in this book, but all I saw were dark clouds. The cover art looks really pretty, but the content was not up to the mark. Let me explain to you why. 


The plot of “A Quest For Spring” by Monica Mujumdar Dixit goes like this:

Raehan and Amolika meet for the first time at a classroom in their college, St. Paul’s. A friendship is initiated by the bubbly Amolika with the reluctant Raehan. Why? All because Amolika’s uncle, fondly called as Kaka, had assigned her a task to prove her worthiness as a budding journalist: Befriend Raehan, and find out all the information that you can about him. Prima facie, it seems like an impossible task, as Raehan is always quiet and refuses to share details about his personal life with Amolika. But slowly, as they get to know each other, the buds of romance begin to blossom. They don’t realise it at first, always assuming that they are just best friends, and nothing more.

But then, on the last day of college, when Raehan finally gathers up the courage to propose to Amolika, Amolika gets wind of the real reason why Kaka had asked her to befriend Raehan. Confused, angry and scared, Amolika makes a decision that affects the lives of everyone involved. They part ways, thanks to a political drama that Raehan is part of.

Sixteen years later, Amolika and Raehan meet again. With the emotional baggage of their unblossomed relationship and their own accumulated love problems of the past sixteen years, will they be able to discover their love for each other once again?

The plot also includes narratives from the political situation in the Valley, interspersed among the romance in the book. The Valley reference ties into the book as Raehan is from the Valley.

The characters in this book are Amolika, Raehan, Kaka. Vikram is Kaka’s favourite cadet. Millie and Dhruv are Amolika’s best friends. I won’t be able to reveal to you the other characters, as that would be a spoiler.

This book is divided into 4 parts.

  1. When Amolika and Raehan meet, and ends where Amolika and Raehan part ways
  2. Amolika’s POV of the 16 years without Raehan
  3. Amolika and Raehan meet again
  4. The rest of the story

I’ll also review the book in the corresponding 4 parts.

1. When Amolika and Raehan meet, and ends where Amolika and Raehan part ways

Personally, I felt this part was too slow and dragged out. Amolika and Raehan spend more than 75% of the time fighting like kids (which, I assume, is the way teenagers behave when they’re in love. I have to ‘assume’ it, as I have no experience in that department). And when they finally admit that they love each other, the time comes for destiny to pull them apart.

2. Amolika’s POV of the 16 years without Raehan

This part of the book didn’t seem as dragged out as the first part, but the pace didn’t improve much. In this part of the book, the author describes the ways in which Amolika tries to forget about Raehan. Live abroad? Check. Cut hair and colour hair to make a dramatic makeover? Check. Destroy everything that reminds her about Raehan? Check. Fall in love desperately with another guy, just to make everyone else believe that she’s moved on? Check.


3. Amolika and Raehan meet again

Raehan is running for his second term as Chief Minister of J&K. Amolika’s agency is hired to manage the political campaign. That’s how Raehan and Amolika meet. I’ll end my subtle spoilers here.

4. The rest of the story

Overall Review of “A Quest for Spring”

The plot and the various sub-plots are well-designed. However, unnecessary dialogues, and repetitive content throughout the book managed to reduce the overall pace of the book. Also, I couldn’t relate to the characters very well. They seemed static to me, and I couldn’t empathise with them very easily. For example, Amolika is described as an orphan in the book, losing her parents due to attacks in the Valley. The author adequately describes her emotional thoughts when she thinks of her parents, via her attachment to their family home in Pune. But, at times, I felt that this fact was just used as a means to take the plot forward. You know, to get the connection between Raehan and Amolika.

While I had a few issues with the first 2 parts of the book, I liked the pace in the last 2 parts. The drama and romance in the latter half of the book was better executed than the former half.

All in all, I give this book a 2.5/5 star rating, and recommend it to readers who are willing to invest a lot of time into reading this book.

a quest for spring.png


Hola FabFollowers! This book review of A Quest for Spring is the sixth post in my Valentine’s Day Book Review series. I aim to publish a review of a romance book that I’ve read and loved every day, till 14th of February. If you like today’s book review, do share it on your social media.

Also, do visit the author’s website here. And also, if you’re interested in purchasing this book, there’s a 30% discount available on the paperback copy if you purchase the book via Amazon.

Please note, the offer is a Valentine’s Day offer. Hence, prices may vary if you’re reading this after Valentine’s Day.

Also, I received a copy of this book from the author in order to share my honest review of the book in exchange for a fee.


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