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Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

I have noticed that I am a fan of romantic comedy books, and not the full blown romance novels. Just saying.

Getting back to the review.

“Agnes and the Hitman” is a must read for readers who wish to read a romance book where the characters are unconventional, and the plot, a total refresher to the tradition “I love you, you love me, we break up, and then come back together” format of romance books. 


The plot of “Agnes and The Hitman” goes like this (as seen on GoodReads):

Agnes Crandall’s life goes awry when a dognapper invades her kitchen one night, seriously hampering her attempts to put on a wedding that she’s staked her entire net worth on. Then a hero climbs through her bedroom window. His name is Shane, no last name, just Shane, and he has his own problems: he’s got a big hit scheduled, a rival trying to take him out, and an ex-mobster uncle asking him to protect some little kid named Agnes. When he finds out that Agnes isn’t so little, his uncle has forgotten to mention a missing five million bucks he might have lost in Agnes’s house, and his last hit was a miss, Shane’s life isn’t looking so good, either. Then a bunch of lowlifes come looking for the money, a string of hit men show up for Agnes, and some wedding guests gather with intent to throw more than rice. Agnes and Shane have their hands full with greed, florists, treachery, flamingos, mayhem, mothers of the bride, and–most dangerous of all–each other.

A short quote from the book which will give you an idea about the book:
“Okay, Shane,” Agnes said as Brenda’s clock gonged midnight. “I got Joey in the kitchen, a cop in the front hall, a dead body in the basement, and you in my bedroom. Where do you want to start?”

The characters in this book are:

Agnes, the heroine of the book, and the most sassiest woman I’ve ever read in a romance book. With a temper that’s infamous among her ex-boyfriends, she really knows how to take care of herself with a frying pan. (Ahem, ahem, you need to read the book to understand this reference.)

Shane, the gun-toting kill machine who can make momentous decisions about who should live and who should die in a split second. The ideal Prince Charming.

Lisa Livia, Agnes’s best friend and the mother of the bride. Brenda, Lisa Livia’s mother from hell. Maria, the nineteen year old daughter of Lisa, who plans to get hitched to Palmer, a rich billionaire.

Taylor, Agnes’s love interest. Or ex-love interest? I’m not giving any spoilers.

Joey, Shane’s uncle, and a former mob leader. Carpenter, Shane’s partner in crime. Quite literally.

Doyle, Agnes’s friendly painter, who plans to repair the house and make it look bedazzling for the wedding.

What I liked about this book is that it’s a very unpredictable and fun read. The authors totally involve you into the lives of the characters, and you can’t wait for each of them to get the payback/romance/money/property/anything they need. All the characters have their own motives (ulterior or otherwise), and their own ways and means of achieving their motives. The clash of their personalities and the motives is what makes for a hilarious read.

Also, I loved the descriptions of Agnes cooking for everyone staying in her house. Her cooking repertoire ranges from pecan pancakes, banana muffines, rack of ribs, and every other homely dish that will remind you of the good old Enid Blyton days.

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars. The story is a fun read, and will interest readers who like the romance genre, as well as readers who like the mystery genre. And also readers who want to have a hearty laugh while reading a book.

Agnes and the Hitman.png


Hola FabFollowers! This book review of Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer is the seventh post in my Valentine’s Day Book Review series. I aim to publish a review of a romance book that I’ve read and loved every day, till 14th of February. If you like today’s book review, do share it on your social media.



2 thoughts on “Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer”

  1. The first impression that I got on reading the plot was that it seemed so much like our Bollywood!!! (all with the hero climbing in). But well, if you do state it is unconventional, then it got to be that way. Sometimes I feel the plt may seem familiar, but the way its dealt with adds a unique touch making it worth a read!


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