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#MithilaReviewsBooks – Writing is Fun by Jeanne Perrett

Do you secretly hope that your child will grow up to be the next bestselling author? Do your fingers itch to ensure that your kid writes something more everlasting than the ephemeral homework he/she does everyday?

You can do something other than fret about how English composition books are making your child’s literary skills rusty.

Presenting to you “Writing is Fun: A Writing Activity Book” by Jeanne Perrett (illustrated by Sayan Mukherjee), a one-stop guide published by Puffin India which will help your child explore his/her talent at inking down his/her thoughts and ideas. 


This activity book covers a wide range of topics like writing a play, an advertisement, a story (pirate, horror, fairy, historical fiction, detective, science fiction, you name it), a diary entry, a comic strip, a poem, a (auto)biography, a dialogue, a song and even a presentation. Apart from the comprehensive list of topics I have mentioned, this book also contains grammar and punctuation lessons interspersed among the above activities.

“Writing is Fun” does not focus only on the art of writing, but also on honing the ability that every child has to think creatively and explore new thoughts which he/she can share with the world through the medium of writing. The instructions are simple and easy to comprehend. New concepts and ideas are well-illustrated with the help of zany characters like The Saurus (yup, you guessed right) and Grammar Mouse. And thus, the activity book stays true to its name.

The book also has sufficient space for a one-time exercise of the various activities mentioned. But I’m sure your kiddo will beg you to give him/her a blank notebook to solve the other possible permutations-and-combinations of exercises available in this book. For example, in the activity “Write an Advertisement”, there is a list of 11 ideas for ad-worthy items, as well as blanks for four more items of the kid’s choice. Fifteen items to advertise = fifteen days of joyful planning for the young marketer / copywriter to explore.

Even as I near the age of twenty, I learned a thing or two from this book. Believe it or not, I never knew that there are five different types of speech bubbles that can be used while designing a comic strip!

I give this book a 4.5 / 5 stars and recommend it to kids of the ages 8-12 years old. There is no need for parental supervision / guidance while the kid uses this book (because that would kill the whole independent-writer vibe). However, the parents could assist the kiddo in certain activities which involve research for facts and data.

Writing is Fun.png


Thank you Penguin India for providing me a review copy of this wonderful book!


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