Hi, I’m Mithila Menezes. Also known as @fabulus1710.

I am a spawn of magic and literature. I love blue shoes, lame jokes and Ice Tea. I hate white chocolate, meaningless conversation and earphones that don’t work.

A bibliophile to the core, I prefer spending time with Oscar Wilde and Jeffrey Archer instead of real-life friends.

Potterhead forever, I would love to use a Time-Turner, go back to 1st August 2009, and climb aboard the Hogwarts Express.

I dream of owning a house which only stores the books I have read and want to read. Yes, I said ‘only’.

I rave, rant, criticise, fawn over, howl about and joke about books and authors on this blog. I also write fiction stories, concoct theories, jot down verses, try to understand the workings of the business world, take up blogging challenges, and do a lot of other non-sense on my other blog, Broken Blue Bubbles.

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