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Questions Bookworms Ask Tag! #bookishtags

I was tagged for this #booktag on Instagram by @aesthetically_booked. The tag is pretty simple: All you need to do is list down the various questions you, a bookworm, would ask people when you meet them for the first time. (At least that's how I interpret it.) Here are the questions the bookworm in me… Continue reading Questions Bookworms Ask Tag! #bookishtags

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Bookish wrap-up 2017!

My challenge for 2017 was 50 books. 50 books that I had not pre-selected or vetted for reviews. 50 books that I picked up, read, enjoyed (some DNF-ed, but that's okay). And today, at the end of the year, I can proudly say that I have finished reading 75 books this year! To prove to… Continue reading Bookish wrap-up 2017!