My Book Review Policy

For requests for book reviews, do contact me at mithila(dot)menezes(at)gmail(dot)com .

Preferred genres: YA Fiction, Fiction, Detective Mystery, Mystery, Science Fiction, Business and Start-up.

Not interested in: Chick-lit, Romance, Politics, History, Books in series (Harry Potter has stolen my heart, sorry).

Some insight into the way I review books:

1. If you are an author and you approach me first for a book review, please note that I charge for book reviews. The rates will vary on a book to book basis. Please do not send me an unsolicited copy of your book for a review.

2. If you are an author and you approach me first for a book review, I will mostly ask for an excerpt of your book before I accept your book review request. The reason for this is: I have limited time in my daily schedule for reading books and writing reviews. Hence, I have to select the best possible book to review, for the benefit of my readers and followers. So, you could send me an excerpt or a link to your GoodReads page for the book.

3. To be featured on my Instagram (@fabulus1710), physical copies of books will be needed (I stay in India). Otherwise, a Kindle (.mobi) format would be preferable.

4. I will also provide an in-depth feedback to you about your book via email. This feedback includes any tips and suggestions that I, an ardent bibliophile with my experience of reading books for the past 7 years , feel would help you with your next novel.

5. My reviews are honest. I praise books that deserve praise. I explain why I don’t like books I don’t like.

6. Feel free to contact me at the above mentioned email id for any further queries.