My Book Review Policy

For requests for book reviews, do contact me at mithila(dot)menezes(at)gmail(dot)com .

Preferred genres: YA Fiction, Fiction, Detective Mystery, Mystery, Science Fiction, Business and Start-up.

Not interested in: Chick-lit, Romance, Politics, History, Books in series (Harry Potter has stolen my heart, sorry).

Some insight into the way I review books:

1. I mainly post long-form reviews on my blog. Shorter reviews are on GoodReads. The least time between starting a book and writing the review for my blog is 2 weeks.

2. The author cannot request a specific type of post. I write long-form posts only if I really appreciate the book (4 stars and above). However, a mini-review of all the books, irrespective of rating, will be published on GoodReads.

3. I add affiliate links to Amazon India in my review posts.

4. If you are an author and you approach me first for a book review, please note that I charge for book reviews. The rates will vary on a book to book basis.

5. If you are an author and you approach me first for a book review, I will mostly ask for an excerpt of your book before I accept your book review request. The reason for this is: I have limited time in my daily schedule for reading books and writing reviews. Hence, I have to select the best possible book to review, for the benefit of my readers and followers.

6. To be featured on my Instagram, physical copies of books will be needed (I stay in India). Otherwise, a Kindle (.mobi) format would be preferable.

7. My reviews are honest. I praise books that deserve praise. I explain why I don’t like books I don’t like.